Slovenian: Kako na lahko dobiš prevoz

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Please, somebody can say me what is the meaning of "Kako na lahko dobiš prevoz he, he, he ..... Človeška iznajdljivost ne pozna meja..........." in English? It`s in Slovenian.
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    The second word -- "na" -- is giving me some problems; I don't think it belongs there. It may be a colloquial use with which I'm just unfamiliar.

    So, ignoring "na", here's my translation:

    "What a way to get transportation! Heh, heh, heh... Human ingenuity knows no bounds!"

    EDIT: I just saw skye's post and he/she is exactly right: The idiom is "na lahko", which changes the meaning to "How easily..."


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    It was giving me some problems too, but then I realized it's probably meant as "na lahko" - in an easy way, easily.
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