Slovenian - mešanica za pozlato


I'm looking for a name for the mix of milk and eggs you use to brush on puff pastry, in order to give it a golden color by backing.
I have a suggestion: mešanica za pozlato.
I'm not sure if "pozlata" refers also to food or only it is used for wood and other material covered a golden leaf.
I also try with "mešanica za premazati testo", but I have to use this in the ingredient list of a finished product, so it was already brushed on, it is not a receipe.
What about "za nadev", is it used also as "topping" or does it means also "filling".

thanks for any suggestion or opinion!
  • iezik

    Senior Member
    For the word "pozlata" I could only find the meanings connected with the metal, but it would be nevertheless correctly understood in cuisine. I would suggest "zlata mešanica" or "zlati premaz" as they sound better due to conciseness. And the Slovene language also uses less prepositional constructions than the Italian. The expression "mešanica za premazati testo" could be heard in a kitchen, but I wouldn't use it for a product or recipe as it sounds too colloquial. The "za+infinitive" is considered rather low style. "Nadev" only means "filling", never "topping".