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Hi I have recently found a message in a bottle, only problem is that it's in Slovenian and I have no idea what it says, does anyone know the language or know a place where I would be able to get it translated, thanks Matt

Link to photos:
  • I'm nowhere near fluent in Slovene, but I can give it a go until some native comes along:

    Moj največji heroj! Moj oči!
    My greatest hero! My dad!

    Hvala za življenje!

    Thank you for life!

    Z ljubeznijo tvoja vdana hči

    With love, your loyal daughter

    Tvoje ime (je? lo?) ostalo redno z menoj. Tako kot tudi tvoj duh.

    Your name has stayed with me regularly. Just like your soul.





    dokler se ne srečamo...

    until we meet...

    I'm not sure if I'd really be able to translate the second part well given there's much more of it, so I'll bow out for the rest of it. I imagine though you can already get an idea of what it's about based on what I've already translated.


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    Some corrections:

    Tvoje ime bo ostalo vedno z menoj. Your name will always stay with me. Tvoj duh is more like 'your spirit', the word for 'soul' is duša.

    'Rest in peace' is written Počivaj v miru (correctly so), but it can be hard to tell from the handwriting.

    The second page reads:

    Dear dad!

    Thank you for [giving me] life,
    for all beautiful moments lived in the
    nature, when you held my hand and
    guided me through [my] first steps.
    Thank you for having the same dreams and
    making it possible for me to experience them. Thanks.
    Thank you for all fulfilled wishes, although
    they were often of a moody nature and
    very big, almost impossible. But you have
    still fulfilled them. Thank you.
    I could write a lot more, dad, but there
    is too little paper in the whole world ...
    Thank you for having been my proud dad
    and you will stay so. A great man
    of principles and with a heart that shined more than
    you will ever see and know.
    Your energy and humour will
    always stay with me, in me, in [my] memory
    and heart forever.
    Know that you are my greatest hero,

    Now it seems the second page is really the first, the letter then continues on the first page already translated by Saimdusan.

    Matt817, how did you know this was in Slovenian? :)
    Yes Panceltic, given the context I assumed it must've been the equivalent of Serbian uvek or večno but because of the handwriting it was hard to make out, and my basic Slovene doesn't allow for much deduction through context. The duh thing is a mind lapse of mine, since I grew up speaking both Serbian and English in different contexts I often don't have direct connections in my mind between and should stop and think more when it comes to translation. Thanks.