Slovenian: Phrases related to colours


I am student of slovenian language. I have a problem...In slovenian doesnt exist fraseological dictionary. I am writing my final work from colours in phrases. My problem is that i cant find almoast anything. I need phrases, f. ex. belo na črnim napisano etc...related with white, black, yellow and red

I hope that somebody will help me!

  • kanojo_

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    Right now all I can remember is a phrase:

    Jasno kot beli dan- lit. as "Clear as a "white" day"- very clear

    Sorry, my brain isn't working now but If I remember anything, I'll add it. Hope it isn't too late.


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    if you have a slovene dictionary (SSKJ - slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika) all or almost all phrases are included below the words, so if you look up "bel", you will find all sorts of phrases that include this word. same goes for other colours, red (biti rdeč kot kuhan rak - zardeti...), black (plačal bo, da bo črn - zelo veliko...) and others...