Slovenian: stuffed chewing gum

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  • TriglavNationalPark

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    Slovenian (a.k.a. Slovene)
    Your suggestion (žvečilni gumi z nadevom = bubble gum with filling) makes perfect sense to me.

    If you wish to be more specific, žvečilni gumi s tekočo sredico (= chewing gum with a liquid interior) may also work. At least one Slovenian site uses polnjeni žvečilni gumiji (polnjen = filled, stuffed).


    I also loved them. :)
    But of all of these Triglav's suggestions, I would prefer "polnjeni žvečilni gumiji".
    "z nadevom" reminds me of a stuffed piece of meat although I know it fits perfectly to the original (and stuffed also reminds me of a turkey from American movies) ;).

    I suppose that "polnjen" sounds to me the most neutral of all this "stuffed-filled" adjectives.


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    Slovenian, Serbian (Croatian, Bosnian)
    Oh yeah, in everyday speech you'll never hear "žvečilni gumi" (or very rarely). People mostly say "čigumi".
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