Slovenian: Tips for learning


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I am one boy who needs Sloevnian badly. I would appreciate any help with basics and how to cope wid with dis this cool language...any help would be highly appreciated... and thank u you...
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    I don't think you can find many good courses on the internet, you can do a search, but I doubt you find much.
    And also, Slovenian is a very complicated language, I think learning it on your own when you don't even know the basics could be extremely hard.
    Have you tried to find a course there in your area? If you don't, maybe you can find something at a bookstore, they have language courses on cd, but I definitely suggest taking classes.


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    Natalija? ... Hm, I wouldn't have believed that if I hadn't see it with my own eyes.

    There are also some links in the "resources thread" in the "sticky section" of this forum. I can also send you two or three links if you like. I guess it's not allowed to post them here. There's one site called "e-slovenian" and I've heard that it's one of the best sites for learning Slovenian on the web.


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    I don't agree Slovenian is a very complicated language.Dutch or scandinavian languages are much worse.I'm Italian born, and in few years I'm grown to simultaneos translation.It has been favourable I studied Latin, and spoke German, there are similarity in cases, in phrase construction. But the best was, I married a Slovenian girl!

    As in summer foreigners learn Italian in Perugia, the same is possible in Ljubljana.The best way to learn is of course the full immersion!


    Probably because we are slovene, there´s no problem for us and other languages seem to be difficult for us. But...thanks God there are forums like this where we are glad to help!!! :)