Slovenian: V vetru nocoj bomo spali


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My friend and I are joking around about taking over eachother's planets:eek:, and apparently he speaks another language - I have NO clue what language this is in, much less how to translate it into English, but any help from all you genius languagers would be much appreciated:

V vetru nocoj bomo spali, v vetru, ki divje se smeje, morda nam bodo oblaki - rjuhe edine odeje. Pala na roke, obleko, prva, druga bo kaplja, v noc cez mocvirno poseko zakricala bo caplja. Trsi spiral bo lica, mocil nam usta s krpo, noc nam bo z mrzlim nozem rezala crnega kruha. Svoje misli tehtali bomo kot prhle veje, dokler nam soncna zarja zemlje, src ne ogreje. V soncu bo hosta zapela, hosta in pesem vojna: Brat moj, ne skrivaj lica, danes je vojna, VOJNA!

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    I did a search with some of the words in your post (as a phrase), and the same thing that you wrote came up as lyrics to a song, "Vojna", by an artist "Laibach". I then searched for "Laibach" and got this bands' site: . Apparently those words are in Slovenian.

    A translation of the song is located here: , about half-way down the page.

    murajica pajic

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    hello. i am slovenia so i can enssure you that is is completly slovenian:)

    if you have any other questions about slovenina just ask...