Slovenian - When to use formal or informal language.


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I'm a little confused on this. I speak French, which has informal and formal language and as a general rule I would start using informal language pretty soon after meeting someone, providing they are not a business contact or much older.

However, I've been reading this blog; which makes it sound as if you should almost always use formal language with Slovenian. Is this the case, or just the author's opinion?

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    Hello Lya20, welcome to the Wordreference forums!

    I don't believe there is much difference between French and Slovene in this regard. Maybe there is more difference between your position in the life and the position of that blogger. Or maybe in the attitudes.

    Are you about 20, meeting mostly with students? Are you in some technical profession? Are you active in accounting and finance? Different groups use different amount of formalities.

    My personal experiences with the formal style: some of my teachers requested it. I used it in the school board. In the shops, I can use either formal or informal style. In my profession (IT), nearly only informal style is used.


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    Hi Iezik. Yes, I'm in my 20s and I want to be able to say a few phrases to a Slovenian girl I've met. (Base reason to be learning a language I know, shoot me :p)

    It sounds as if I'd be safe to use informal language in this instance? That blog just had me worried that I'd be committing some kind of faux pas.


    Well, firstly, Slovenian is not exactly a phonetic language as she wrote, not completely, unlike Croatian for example. And secondly, I'm 24 years old. If I meet someone around my age, I would definitely use the informal language - tikanje (tu).

    Informal language is, simply put, only used when you talk to:
    - older people (unless they tell you to use informal language),
    - your boss (unless he tells you otherwise),
    - shopkeepers,
    - people employed at the post office, bank, hospital etc.

    So it's perfectly safe to use "tu" instead of "vous", or in Slovenian "ti" instead of "vi". :)