slow to start, but now winning the race

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  1. trusty Member

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    Hi, I'm writing about a story which was covered by the French press. Le Monde didn't start covering the story until a few days after the other papers did, but then published far more articles on the story than all the other newspapers.

    I want to say:
    Le Monde may have been slow to start, but has certainly now won the race to provide extensive coverage...

    My attempt
    Le Monde a été lent au début, mais a certainement gagné la course de fournir de la couverture vaste...

    let me know any improvements,
  2. Camiiiiille Member

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    Francais- France
    je dirais :
    - Le Monde a été lent au démarrage, mais c'est certainement lui qui a finalement offert la couverture la plus complète..

    "être lent au démarrage" s'emploie couramment mais c'est un niveau de langage légèrement informel à mon avis, je ne sais pas s'il en est de même pour l'expression anglaise ??
  3. trusty Member

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    Oui, c'est parfait... merci Camille!
  4. delk07 Senior Member

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    What about:

    long à la détente?
  5. trusty Member

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    thanks delk07... you're really helping me with all my recent posts!

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