slowed down my patronage


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"As a parent I'm already a target because I have three kids under seven. I see the eye rolls. At Cappy's, there could have been a "keep Cappy's safe" campaign or something posted that showed a little more respect for parents. The signs have slowed down my patronage of Cappy's."
Background: The owner of Cappy's pizzeria has had enough with kids destroying his property, so he's put up a controversial sign warning parents not to let their kids run wild. The move's unleashed a wave of fury from parents, who think it makes them feel unwelcome at the restaurant.

I guess "slowed down my patronage" means "I stop going there as often because of the sign". I 'd like to know if it's an expression you'd use in this kind of context.
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    I would prefer "reduced" to "slowed down." However, Ms. Langsford spoke without preparation when a reporter asked her a question. People don't always stop to think about the ideal word choice in that situation.

    I probably also wouldn't say "patronage." It seems too high-register to describe buying pizza for my family. It's not an error, though.
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