slug eject valve

Hello, everyone!

I'm working on a translation about a wicketer bag manufacturer and I came across this term.

The problem is the word "slug", since all I could find was in reference to the insect, although I don't think it is the case at all.

Would you be able to help me?

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    Is the word in some kind of context? Without the context, we can't decide. Slug has quite a few meanings other than a snail-like creature. Look here for the many possibilities. slug
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    You're right! Sorry.

    This is all the context I have:

    There are two pneumatic valves and a regulator located on the punch assembly. The regulator is for the slug eject valve, which controls the vacuum for slug removal. The recommend pressure is 40 to 60 psi (2.75 to 4.13 bar). The other valve is for a safety pin that prevents the punches from “free-falling” when stopped.


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    Okay, as I suspected we are talking about slug material, that is to say, the material the punch presses (punches) out of the sheet goods be it sheet metal or plastics. When doing electrical work we used manual punches to make holes in metal electrical boxes to pass electrical wiring through.
    The tool we used boasted this feature:
    "The four-point punch design allows the slug to fall free from the die without splitting, tapping, or prying."

    So, although I am not sure what part of the process we are talking about I feel confident the slugs are the punched-out material. How to phrase that in Spanish is anyone's guess. :confused:

    Quizás "trozo". O, Chatarra pero lo dudo porque creo que chatarra es algo metalico. ¿No?