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    An SEO tool sent me a tip for my page - "The slug for this page is a bit long, consider shortening it".
    What does "slug" mean in the sentence?

    Thank you in advance :)
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    "Slug" is sometimes used to mean "file name" or even "title." I don't think you'll find this definition in very many dictionaries, but it's used in publishing. It predates the use of computers, and it originally referred to the shortened name given to an article as it was being written. For example, an article headlined "President makes first official visit to Israel" would have been written on paper, of course, but at the top left corner of each piece of paper the article was written on the writer would include a "slug" that might say something such as "Israel visit." The slug was used to help the editors and typesetters know which individual pages go with each other in case the pages the article was written on got separated from each other.

    The term is still used in publishing to mean "file name." But since this is a website, it probably means something like "title" or perhaps the part of the URL that could be considered a title. Does that make sense in context?
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    Welcome, lionwei888. One of the forum's rules is to search first. This is from dictionary.com:

    6. Printing.
    a thick strip of type metal less than type-high.
    b. such a strip containing a type-high number or other character for temporary use.
    c. a line of type in one piece, as produced by a Linotype.

    10. Journalism.
    a. Also called catchline. a short phrase or title used to indicate the story content of newspaper or magazine copy.
    b. the line of type carrying this information.
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    Thank you very much Justkate, your explanation helped me a lot. The problem was solved after i shortened the url of the page XD

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