slumber/ a slumber

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Is it correct to say an article is required when "slumber" and an adjective are put together, as in the first example?

She sang to Nathan, and when she'd looked up again, her father was gone.

Later, after Nathan had fallen into a brief slumber, she'd found her father downstairs. He was sitting in his old recliner, looking at nothing in particular.

Source: Alone, Lisa Gardner
When night falls, the people of Amestris sleep. They snuggle under warm covers, punch a pillow into shape and let themselves drift off into slumber, drift even deeper down to dream.
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    I think it commoner without the indefinite article, but not unusual. There is a well known poetic tag "A slumber did my spirit seal". In the same context one could say "a brief sleep" and "drift off into sleep". A sleep or a slumber are periods of sleep or slumber.
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