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Hi fellas

it goes like that:

"The hotel is owned by Per Hellsten, whose slick slumber number features objects from his travels..."

Does it mean the hotel's room?

Thaanks for your time

  • shartka

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    OK going way out on a limb here, the second part of the sentence could be refering to Per Hellsten instead of his hotel. "Number" can mean routine, so it is perhaps refering to the routine that Mr. Hellsten uses to get women to sleep with him, this routine including flashy souvenirs from his exotic travels???


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    I think it is just a jazzy way of referring to the hotel as a whole. From what I found online, Per Hellsten owns two hotels in Stockholm, at least one of which features antiques and works of art from Asia and Africa.


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    Thank you so much to you both. I was not warned of your help in my mail-box. Don't know why. Any moderator around?
    You've got it right sistergirl.

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