Sly, cunning or artful?

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I've looked up for the meaning of a russian word in my dictionary and found three different translations. Could you explain me the difference between them? And if it's not a problem, tell me which one is used more commonly in everyday speaking? (Colloquial)
Oops, I forgot about the context.
I can't give you examples where the words are used, but I can describe you what I mean. What do you say about a person which is kind of clever? Like when you play a game with him he always finds new ways to win you. Or someone which can slew you. What adjective does describe that?
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    Well, it all depends on what kind of cleverness the person posseses. If it's something of a negative cleverness, then I'd use either 'sly' or 'cunning'. See the definitions of the two, therein lies the answer. If the person is smart in a positive way, thatn I'd just say that, 'smart'.
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