smacked on elastic shorts for aerobics



I would be grateful if you tell me the meaning of smacked on in this sentence:

They had a self-righteousness common to many Indian women of the English-speaking upper-educated, went out to mimosa brunches, ate their dadi's roti with adept fingers, donned a sari or smacked on elastic shorts for aerobics.........

It's part of Inheritance of Loss, a novel by Kiran Dessay.

Thank you.
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    It seems to be a more colourful way of saying "put on". Although I haven't heard "smacked on" used in this way, there are similar phrases like "slipped on" and "threw on" which are fairly common. The sense of these is usually of putting on something quickly, casually or easily. In the topic case I think "smack" may refer to the slapping sound of the elastic as it is released after drawing on the shorts.
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