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  1. Isabel Thornton Member

    I need to translate a document about a diet plan and one of the ingredients in a recipe calls for "small curd cottage cheese". Looking for the word in google I found documents that mention small and large curd but when I look it up in the dictionary it simply says
    curd: requesón
    I am really confused...I would really appreciate any suggestions.
  2. Vicki Senior Member

    United States/English
    In the US at least, what is sold as "requesón" in Latino groceries isn't exactly "cottage cheese". Usually "requesón" is translated as "farmer's cheese", which is more like ricotta in texture. You couldn't necessarily substitute it for "cottage cheese" in a recipe. (I can't speak for other countries.)

    Are you translating it for Spain or another particular market? If so, maybe the best answer has to do with what a shopper could reasonably expect to find in a store. If there are no "small curd" or "large curd" variations commercially available, maybe it's a distinction best left ignored. Maybe "requesón" is as close as you can get...

    Alternatively, here are the main differences, which might suggest a way to approach translation: Small curd cottage cheese, sometimes called "country style" has a curd which has been heated long enough to be quite firm. It holds its shape and is particularly good for salad making.... Large curd cottage cheese is made the same way as the small curd type, except that it's heated for a shorter time and is cut with larger cutters. So, the result is large, soft curds that mix easily with other foods.

    I hope this is helpful in some way.

  3. Sandra Senior Member

    Mexico - Spanish

    Vicky is absolutelly right. And remember each country or even region produce it's own type of cheese sometimes giving the same name to different types.

    In the other hand, if you are talking about to the "cottage cheese" like the "Lyncott" brand, then I will recommend you to write only "queso cottage".
  4. Masood

    Masood Senior Member

    Leicester, England
    British English
    A few corrections:
    absolutelly-> absolutely
    In the other hand-> ON the other hand
  5. Sandra Senior Member

    Mexico - Spanish
    Thanks a lot Masood!!! :)
  6. Isabel Thornton Member

    Thank you all for your comments!! I think I'm going to use the "queso cottage" translation, because the more I look for it, the more I realize that really is not requeson. Vicky, it was really helpul to know the difference between small and large curd....Thank you very much!!!!
  7. englishfreak Senior Member

    Spain (Spanish)
    I just got a bowl of "medium curd" cottage cheese, and I alway buy "small curd", so I guess there is a difference, sorry guys!
    I am betting is something about the "curación" process. Like muy curado or poco curado. Medium curd tasted more like nothing to me, small curd was more like cheese. Or maybe it was the other way around... but apparently it has nothing to do with the size of the little balls that conform the cheese, as I had first thought :)))
  8. notarookie New Member

    English USA
    What I'd like to know is why it seems to me that stores don't carry small curd anymore. That is to say they sell cottage cheese labeled as small curd but it sure isn't the small curd I remember, it is loose and watery and the curds are none to small either. If you try to put a scoop on a leaf of lettuce is falls apart.

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