small-footprint design

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Czech; Czech Rep.
please help me with the term:
"small-footprint desing" - what does it actually mean?

Vertical Indoor Air Handler has small-footprint design.(Destiny(TM) Low Pressure, Vertical Indoor Air Handler from McQuay Features Small Footprint, Economical Design and Installation).

or: Optional softeners can be integrated for small-footprint design
or:Startech Small Footprint Design USB Powered Notebook Cooler with 2 Built in Fans
or: Reducing Server Count For Custom Applications: The Small Footprint Design Method (SFDM)
or: The Small Footprint Device design template provides functionality for the smallest possible Windows Embedded CE powered device

Thank you very much!
  • Infininja

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    It means it doesn't take up a lot of space. This can be physical (furniture, the notebook) or virtual (processing power, hard drive space).


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    The footprint of something (a house; a machine) is the amount of space it occupies on the ground. Imagine, if you will, two houses that are next to each other. Each one stands on a lot that is 10 meters wide and 15 meters deep. The house on the left is 5 meters high, while the house on the right is 50 meters high. The house on the right is much bigger in total area, but the footprints of the two houses are identical in size.
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