"small stylish hotel" OR "stylish small hotel"


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Re: my post on "large stylish modern flat". While "stylish large" sounds unusual to both native speakers who answered the post, "stylish small" comes up more often in the Ngram search. Does it have anything to do with the preferred position of the adjectives that denote "bigness", you think? (e.g. big beautiful houses)

Do both sentences sound natural?

a. We stayed in a small stylish hotel in the city centre.
b. We stayed in a stylish small hotel in the city centre.

a. is the first word order that popped into my head.

Thank you.

  • boozer

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    A. is more natural, I agree, but B. is not wrong either. I think in such cases a lot depends on how complete is the thought inside the speaker's head. We often add new ideas to our initial one while we are saying it. In such cases one could easily put small after stylish. :)
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