(Smaller devices) + break, break down & get broken

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Xavier da Silva

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Hello everyone,

I'd like to know which of these three verbs sound more natural/common when used with smaller devices(DVD Players, Stereos, Cell phones, etc). Please take a look.

- This DVD Player is of good quality. It seldom breaks.
- This DVD Player is of good quality. It seldom breaks down.
- This DVD Player is of good quality. It seldom gets broken.

My opinion: I think "break" is more common/natural because it is a shorter option. What do you think?

Break, break down, get broken definition: stop working properly

Thank you in advance!
  • heypresto

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    English - England
    All three are common and sound natural, and they could all be used in this context. But to me there are a subtle differences:

    1 To break implies some physical damage. A part falls off, for instance, or cracks.

    2 To break down simply means it stops working. It may stop working because of some physical damage, but not necessarily.

    3 To get broken means to suffer some damage, almost certainly physical.

    I hope that helps :)


    English - England
    Perhaps a little more commonly heard: This DVD Player is of good quality well-made. It seldom breaks. stops working.


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    I think that many AE speakers would use the results rather than the event to describe this. "This <device> seldom needs repairs/repairing."
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