Smart cities will pollinate with sensors


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Good morning!

I was watching a Youtube video, which is the speech from the PM Boris Johnson at the UN headquarters talking about how technologu affects our lives.

There's a statement that I didn't catch but this is what I firstly thought that he said:

"Smart cities will pollinate with sensors, all joined together by the 'internet of things'"

However, as per the transcripts of the speech, he actually says:

"Smart cities will pullulate with sensors, all joined together by the 'internet of things'"

But 'pullulate' does not seem to be a common word since neither the Wordreference dictionary, nor the Cambridge dictionary show it.
Could native speakers explain it or say any synonims?


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  • eleaumad

    Español - España
    Tuve que buscar pullulate en el diccionario, la verdad. Como traducción, optaría por algo que significa "expand/increase rapidly".

    Thank you Masood! As per the context of the speech, I thought the same (expand rapidly, reproduce).

    There's a similar word in spanish (pulular), not very used actually, but mostly meaning 'walking about' or 'wandering' (deambular). At least I've always heard it with that meaning.

    But I've just found this post talking about 3 different meanings:

    - Swarm about/ moving around en masse
    - Multiply/ expand (as per the PM speech)
    - Mill around (as I've always heard in Spanish)

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