smash / crush/ hit a bomb (baseball)


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¿Cómo se describe "a good hit" (en béisbol).

Por ejemplo:

He smashed/crushed it.

He hit a bomb.

  • fenixpollo

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    Hi, número5, and welcome to the forum.

    Are you trying to translate "good hit"? Or do you want to translate the other phrases in your post? Your question says you want to translate "good hit", but your examples don't contain that phrase. I'm guessing that you want to say something like, "He got a good hit" or "That was a good hit", which I would translate in Spanish as lo pegó bien (or something like that).


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    Sorry for being vague, I want to know how you describe a good hit. I understand how to say good hit, but I want to know how to say things like, he hit a bomb, that was crushed.

    Sorry if it doesn't make sense.
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