smashed that lob back

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Would you please explain what she means by smashed that lob back in the following sentence?

After the liberal strategist Hilary Rosen clumsily mocked Mitt Romney for relying on Ann to tell him what issues women care about when “his wife has actually never worked a day in her life,” Ann smashed that lob back.

Thank you in advance.
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    This is a tennis metaphore. A lob in tennis is to hit the ball high into the air giving your opponent plenty of time to position him/herself. A smash is a very powerful hit which would probably win the point.

    Ms. Rosen clamed Ms. Romney "never worked" [the lob or weak attack]. Ms. Romney responded that raising five children involved a great deal of work [the smash or powerful reply].


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    This is a reference to tennis. A lob is a high, arcing shot, which gives plenty of time to get under it had choose how to hit it - an easy-to-handle shot. A smash is a high-speed shot that barely clears the net and goes in an almost straight line to its target - a very hard shot to deal with.

    Hilary Rosen has said something insulting, which can be easily refuted (a figurative lob). Ann has smashed that lob back (made an extremely effective rebuttal).
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