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Hallo friends, what is the meaning of smoky smoky?? The sentence is: Hey, you think maybe you could do that smoky smoky thing and just take a peak inside?"
Could you suggest to me another word for that?? The context is a moovie where a witch wants to open a box, but she cannot use magic
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    From the context you give, it sounds like she's talking to someone who can invoke magic using smoke? Or maybe whoever she is talking to recites some spell that has the word "smoky" repeated twice when performing magic? This is only guessing b/c I don't know the scene, but with the context you give I don't think "smoky smoky" has any special colloquial meaning, so it should be just a spur-of-the-moment way to describe something here.

    (In other contexts, smokin' could be used in place of hot/sexy/cool/wild, but that really doesn't sound like what you describe.)


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    Isn't it a methaphore here? Very often when a witch invokes magic, there appears smoke over/around the object of it, and in fact you can't see how the object has come to existence.



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    Are you sure the person didn't say, "hocus-pocus"? Or perhaps "smoky smoky" was meant to be a funny mispronunciation of hocus-pocus?

    Hocus-pocus = "sleight of hand, conjuring, witchcraft, wizardry, sorcery; deception, sham, devilry, trickery; informal scam."
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