smooth (as in to be smooth)


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Can someone assist me with translating smooth (as in to be smooth) into French? I have an idea, but the expression isn't listed so I don't know if it correct. "Avoir des arguments de choc"
Thanks for the help!
  • marat

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    Hi Chsbellboy,
    Not quite sure what you mean here, as in smooth-talking perhaps?
    doucereux, mielleux, enjoleur ? (adj) missing accent, sorry!
    or smooth-operator?
    He's a smooth-operator= Il sait y prendre.
    He's a smooth talker= C'est un beau parleur.
    Is that the jist?


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    ¿Qué? said:
    lisse I believe
    Lisse is the literal translation : smooth skin = une peau lisse
    but if you mean it in a figurative way, when describing a person's manners, enjôleur or even captieux might do the job, depending on how openly critical you mean to be.
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