smoothie, shake, or blender drink


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In a cookbook that I'm translating intended primarily for the English speaking countries of the Caribbean and Africa, I've come to a section on drinks made with fruit and (cassava) milk or yoghurt. In Br-E, are these called smoothies, fruit milkshakes, fruit and milk blender drinks, or something else?
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    In Br-E I've never heard fruit and milk blender drink.

    Judging by what supermarkets call their products, I'd use:

    Smoothie - blended fruit only
    Yoghurt smoothie - fruit and yoghurt

    Whilst banana milkshake or strawberry milkshake are commonly used, especially with dairy milk and ice cream, I've never seen the generic fruit milkshake. There is a subtle difference between chocolate milk - chocolate flavoured milk - and chocolate milkshake - usually thicker and made with ice cream.
    I'd suggest fruit and cassava milk smoothie, ​though unfamiliar, would be easily understood.