smug snobbish snooty supercilious sneering

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Hi there:

I really hate to do this, but when thousands of these words twist together. It really like something persecution tribulation thing. So the best way to keep these words in mind is to sort them out one by one. Pore over every solitary nuance, put it in the pertinent context and GD(you guess what it is) syntax. And that is the way, the only way, in my POV to grasb it.

smug snobbish snooty supercilious sneering.

Please, help!

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    Sorry, but we're not a dictionary, but there is a dictionary here. If you type each of those words in the search box at the top of the page, you'll find a definition as well as an "in context" link near the top of the page that will show you how they are used. And any related threads will appear in your search results, as well.

    I'll get you started:

    For the definition: smug

    For the in context

    For the related threads:

    smug and careless
    Smug people= Stuck up People?
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    I know, I am not trying to find the definitions of these words or context.

    I know severals things:

    Smug celebrities.
    supercilious smile
    snooty intellectuals
    snobbish person
    sneering remark

    basic line is here, I am not lousy slouch to post these words to find definition, I review these words more than 10 times, but still when I encounter them, there is no picture.
    I got to drag them all out, and try to find the link.

    Maybe, I did not make it clear enough, what I am trying to say is :

    To your native person, what the picture about these words, what is the nuance.

    what kinds of different circumstance you are gonna use these words.

    many thanks


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    Copyright has given you some excellent pointers, leivev. If you are interested in how these words are used in context, try the "in context" button in every WR English dictionary entry. Previous threads will help you too.

    You can always come back to us with any specific queries you have:).


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    Copyright and loob took the words right out of my mouth.

    I can add a few threads to look at:
    It is difficult to answer a question about such a wide range of words without specific context. if you still have questions after looking at the definitions and the threads, add them to the appropriate existing threads. If necessary, you can start a new thread, but include context. In this case, 'context' might be a sentence in which you are considering using one or more of these words. Or it might be a sentence you have found in the "in context" search. With that as a starting point, we can discuss which word(s) would be appropriate, and possible differences in meaning.

    I am closing this thread.

    Cagey, moderator.
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