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I'd like to ask you about this phrase taken from the House of Night novel by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. I'll quote the whole sentence. The protagonist is surprised that homeless people have abandoned their shelter in spite of the snowstorm.
"Wouldn't tonight be the perfect night to retreat to the comparative warmth and shelter of this basement, versus trying to find someplace dry on the streets or smush into the Y?"
What in the world does "smush into the Y" mean? I've read that the Y is sometimes used for YMCA and I know they run hostels... Do tey run charities for the homeless too, or does "the Y" here mean something different altogether? Thanks in advance for suggestions.
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    It means to crush/smash/press/squeeze/cram together in the YMCA.

    Definitions of smush from a bigger-than-Concise Oxford and YourDictionary and me with "cram."
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