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    Hi everyone, what's the difference between ثُعَبَان and أفعى? When do I use one or the other? Could you re-write أفعى with all the harakat? Also, could you give me the plural form of the latter one? And one last question: What's the translation of "viper", "python" and "boa"? I know cobra in Arabic is كوبرا, but does it have any synonyms? Please, if possible write all the harakat and the singular and plural form. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks!
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  2. chaos90 Member

    I think "ثعبان" is a species (general) and "أفعى" is the female .
    أفعى = أَفْعَى = af3a .
    the plural of أفعى is أَفَاعٍ = afa3en .
    viper means "venomous snake.
    python is a large nonvenomous snake .
    boa is a large nonvenomous snake .
    That is all i know .
  3. barkoosh Senior Member

    The general term for 'snake' in Arabic is حَيَّة (pl. حَيَّات). The word ثُعْبَان (pl. ثَعَابِين) can be used as a synonym to حَيَّة, although it's generally limited to the big snakes.

    أَفْعَى (pl. أَفَاعٍ / الأَفَاعِي) is "venomous snake", so it corresponds to "viper".

    Please note that some use the words حية/ثعبان/أفعى interchangeably, not knowing the difference between them.

    "Python" is commonly translated أَصَلَة. Please note that the definition of the Arabic word أصلة in some dictionaries can be different from the description of the python. Still, أصلة is the accepted term for "python".

    "Boa" is transliterated as بُوَاء. Likewise, "anaconda" is transliterated أنَاكُنْدَة.

    Cobra is commonly transliterated as كوبرا. The translation صِلّ (pl. أَصْلال), is used sometimes.
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    Thanks a lot chaos90 and barkoosh! You really helped me.
    Barkoosh, can I use أَفَاعٍ and الأَفَاعِي interchangeably? Or is أَفَاعٍ used in genitive case (because of the kasrah)?
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  5. barkoosh Senior Member

    This is related to what is known in Arabic الاسم المنقوص. See here.
  6. Abu Talha Senior Member

    Just to add a small note, in the indefinite dictionaries give it as أَفْعًى af3an with tanwiin.

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