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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by arthurlee, May 17, 2009.

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    While wandering about old threads I found this nice one on Italian phrase "mordi e fuggi" (a similar one is "toccata e fuga"). As usual, TimLA suggested many options. Still, I didn't find "snatch and grab", which I just bumped into in a book of mine.
    Do natives think the meaning is the same of "hit and run"?
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    Arthur, c'è contesto?

    Può esere letterale, cioè può trattarsi di un furto.

    Ma ci sono anche dei possibili riferimenti sessuali che dipendono dal contesto.

    Hit and run is usually used about a traffic accident. Snatch and grab would be a shoplifting type of theft, but there are sexual possibilities.
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    Thanks AlBoy ;-)
    The scene depicted is about a zombie that goes for a "quick eat" at Social Services :D. So I think "mordi e fuggi" can work!
    BTW here's the sentence: "Fine dining [they are talking about a slaughter going on at a posh restaurant] compared to a snatch and grab at DSHS".
    Pretty gory isnt't it? ;)

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