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“MAC Cosmetics released a sneak preview of an upcoming Summer 2018 product launch, and guess what?”

Source: MAC Cosmetics launch new 24-hour studio fix concealers

“A few days ago, Kylie Jenner graced us with a sneak peek of what appears to be her rumored Kylie Cosmetics concealers, and her latest tease has us even more excited than we thought possible.”

Kylie Jenner may finally be launching the one face product missing from Kylie Cosmetics

What’s the difference between sneak preview and sneak peek? Are they synonyms?
  • DonnyB

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    A "sneak peek" is a little bit more informal, but as far as the meaning goes, I would say in the context they're being used there, they're synonymous. :)

    The Newt

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    As the above examples imply, you generally release / issue / distribute a "sneak preview," and give / provide / offer etc. a "sneak peek." As DonnyB says, "peek" is a bit more informal, so it works better with the (marginally) less formal verbs.


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    "Peek" carries the implication of something surreptitious and perhaps sordid, "peeking into someone's bedroom window." "Sneak peek" is somewhat redundant, but it rhymes and as such, has become a popular expression.

    "Preview" is just an ordinary word meaning "a look in advance" and to which, one can add many adjectivices, e.g. VIP, etc.
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