Snooty vs Conceited

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    Thanks Paul. Here it is:

    treating people as if they are not as good or as important as you.
    having too much pride in yourself and what you do.

    To me it sounds like both of them mean that the person is superior than the other people around. So accordingly I'd say that snooty emphasizes the fact that he treats people badly whereas conceited just say the the person likes to show off about qualities that he doesn't have. Something like that?


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    I would say that snooty refers to looking down at others who you believe to be socially below you. It is easy to remember this meaning because 'snoot' is a variant of 'snout' - a nose. Snooty people literally 'look down their noses' at others. Picture

    looks down her nose at/looks down on/talks down to

    Conceited people are too busy preening and boasting to even notice other people, let alone look down on them. Picture


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    In my youth Lord Snooty was the aristocratic friend of other wise proletarian children (the Bash street kids) in the childrens comic "The Beano". Biffo is obviously of this generation as Biffo the Bear is another character in the same comic.
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