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On the back of the cover page of "when sheep sleep" is a short introduction of this book saying:

"Best-selling author Laura Numeroff, has crafted the perfect lullaby in which a small child imagines she encounters many cuddly animal families, only to find that they, too, are snuggled fast asleep! "

Most of the time, snuggle is used more frequently as active form:
She snuggled in bed.
She snuggled deeper into the warmth, idly reviewing the plans for the evening.

Is snuggled used as a passive form or an adjective here?
They snuggled fast asleep. They are snuggled fast asleep. Are those two sentences different?
  • owlman5

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    That use of "snuggle" looks pretty strange to me, prudent. I assume that it is a passive and that it implies that somebody else snuggled the cuddly animal families.

    "They snuggled fast asleep" doesn't make any sense to me. "They are snuggled fast asleep" is okay if you wish to hide the active agent who did the snuggling for some reason.
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