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I ran into the term "snuggle buddy" on a forum. The context is that a man does not want to date a lady, but would prefer to have her as his close friend.

I looked it up, but only Urban Dictionary has a not-so-reliable definition. I wonder if you could tell me whether it is a British term and whether it could only be applied to people of opposite sex who you are close with. Do older people also use the term? Many thanks for your help!
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    I've never heard the expression but can imagine what one is... and the Urban Dictionary definitions seem fine and only get Thumbs Up so far. As for older people, I can definitely see wanting a snuggle buddy of my own... when I'm about 95... which will be any day now. :)
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    I've never come across it before either, Daniel. It sounds more to me like something an under-5-year-old would aspire to.
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