so at ease in his own body

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Dear all,
this is from the novel I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maureen Goo.

I turned my head so he [Luca] wouldn’t see me blush. “Thanks.”
When I felt my face cool off, I glanced over at him again, upright and so at ease in his own body. (Who could blame him, really?)

Could you please paraphrase the words in red? I'd say so relaxed. What is the meaning of in his own body? The problem is I don't understand what could Luca be blamed for. There is nothing he could be blamed for before this episode.
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    Who could blame him? is an idiom, meaning something is not at all surprising. Here it can be paraphrased as: Well, of course he would be at ease within that [gorgeous] body – who wouldn’t?!
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