so brennt es einem in den Augen

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    Hi all,

    I was just wondering if anybody could help me understand the above phrase.

    To give you a bit of context...

    Liest man in der Sauna den Hinweis »Kein Schweiß aufs Holz«, so brennt es einem in den Augen.

    Thanks for any help,

  2. Schimmelreiter

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    One has got a burning feeling in one's eyes.

    The sauna must be unhealthily hot. Merely reading the warning not to soil the wooden parts with your sweat will give you a burning feeling in your eyes.

    Es brennt mir in den Augen.
    es -
    impersonal pronoun, cf. It's raining.
    mir -
    possessive dative, cf. Mir zittern die Knie.
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  3. Demiurg

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    "einem" is the dative of "man". From a 1st person perspective:

    Wenn ich in der Sauna den Hinweis lese »Kein Schweiß aufs Holz«, dann brennt es mir in den Augen.

    es brennt mir in den Augen => my eyes are burning

    I guess it's meant ironically.

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