So courageous vs. courageous enough

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Hello, all

When I saw this sentence, “Sam’s so courageous to go skydiving.” in my grammar exercise book, followed by “Frankly, he is more crazy than brave,” I started to wonder how is it different from Sam’s courageous enough to go skydiving in meaning. They seem to mean alike to me. Can they be interchangeable?

Any help is much-appreciated.
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    'Courageous enough' is a simple description of Sam's level of courage. 'So courageous' is an exclamation of admiration, with 'to go skydiving' adding the reason.


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    If I understand your question correctly, you want to know if "Sam is so courageous to go skydiving" is similar in meaning to "Sam is courageous enough to go skydiving". If that is your question, then no, they do not mean the same thing.

    So: Sam is very courageous - his skydiving shows this

    Enough: Sam is sufficiently courageous to go skydiving (but the sentence gives no indication of how courageous the speaker considers this to be)
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