So fixated on a civilization

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Venom Snake

Hi, There are some people who are very fixated or we could say that they worship some countries, for example, there is someone who's so obsessed with Japan and loves whatever they do or create whether it's their anime industry or even smart phone industry; so a man of this kind wants to buy a phone and the moment he finds out that Xperia 5 is from Sony (He doesn't know anything about phones or any brand related to phones) , he blindly says: "Gimme that Xperia, anything made in Japan, I buy" . So, is there any noun or adjective or whatever that describes such a country-fanatic ?
  • Roxxxannne

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    The -ophile part is definitely not vulgar.
    A bibliophile is a book collector, an oenophile is a wine connoisseur.
    Francophile, Russophile, Italophile, Anglophile are words for people who are are fascinated by or particularly found of certain countries.

    Yes, Americophile is the equivalent American version.
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