So <I’m wondering><I wonder> whenever the next time we talk live...

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Hello to all,

Thanks for reading my post.

Sample sentence:

So <I’m wondering><I wonder> whenever the next time we talk live, would you mind saying both of those words for me as well? My goal is to train my ears and brain to hear the differences between the words when a native speaker says versus an app.


I received the above sentence as a message from an American English speaker. There was "I'm wondering" in the original version. I wonder if it is correct to use "I wonder". If so, is there any difference between them? Why would one choose one instead of the other in the sample sentence?

Thanks a lot for any comments, corrections or suggestions!


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    Saying 'I wonder' is correct. 'I'm wondering' from the original tells me the author just started thinking about it
    or that it is a little more important (subtly) than just 'I wonder'.

    The Newt

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    I find "I'm wondering" more natural in this specific context. I would have said it this way: "So I’m wondering, whenever we talk live next, would you mind saying...?
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