so scrupulous were they in

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Hi folks, this is cited from Wellingborough Redburn by Hermann Melville (1849)

Question: Were the sailors scrupulous in what exactly? Does it mean they were measuring gold ore very carefully and placing in a kind of vessel and they carried those gold to quay? It’s a bit hard sentence.

Thus shut in, its hatchways looked like the entrance to deep vaults or mines; especially as her men were wheeling out of her hold some kind of ore, which might have been gold ore, so scrupulous were they in evening the bushel measures, in which they transferred it to the quay; and so particular was the captain, a dark-skinned whiskerando, in a Maltese cap and tassel, in standing over the sailors, with his pencil and memorandum-book in hand.
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    They were so scrupulous in measuring out each quantity and making sure they were the same (evening them) that it might have been gold ore.
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