So she's going to work under my name.

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Hello there again,

How would put this?

We've hired an employee without any official documents and she can't work like that to fit into the law. So she's going to work under my name.

Would say: I'm going to be charged with him? or accounted? or better one to refer to the accounting.:) Actually it is very difficult to put it. Whatever comes to your mind will be appreciated.

  • There is no formal way of describing such an informal (not to say illegal) practice. I know of it from the time I lived in Poland - Polish wives of British husbands were often the person paid for the work husbands did.

    I think "working under my name" is not a bad way of describing the situation, or "I will be officially/formally employed while she'll be actually doing the work". Or (probably better if both people work for the same company): "She will not be officially employed and her salary will be formally paid to another employee".
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