So, then, thus, therefore

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  1. gambit2099 Senior Member

    Salut à tous !

    Je voudrais savoir quelles étaient les différences entre so, then, thus et therefore qui veulent tous dire "donc".

    Y a t-il une réelle différence ?

    Hi everybody !

    I would like to know what are the difference between so, then, thus and therefore which mean "donc".

    Is there a real difference ?

    Ps: you could tell me if i made some mistakes ;)

    Thanks you !
  2. prof babel New Member

    UK English
    so and then - good for everyday use, conversation etc
    thus - maybe a bit old fashioned, more formal
    therefore - reasoned arguments, good for convincing people
  3. gambit2099 Senior Member

    Oh i see !

    so and then = donc
    thus = ainsi
    therefore = c'est pourquoi

    I think that's correct ^^

    thank you
  4. prof babel New Member

    UK English
    Hmm, oui et non.
    Les petits mots ont tendence à avoir plusieurs sens. Pour les reconnaître il faut garder l'esprit ouvert, mais pourquoi pas simplifier quand il s'agit de les employer soi-même?

    Rrrrr I can't post urls - alors tu dois ajouter ach té té pé etc toi-même
  5. gambit2099 Senior Member

    Thank you I'm seeing them ;)
  6. pyan

    pyan Senior Member

    Vendée, France
    English, UK, London
    There are some threads already in the forum which may interest you:

    thus, therefore, hence

    I would agree with professor babel that the meanings are the same when they are used in the sense of "donc". We could say "I think, therefore I am", "I think, thus I am", "I think, so I am". "I think, then I am" makes no sense to me and I have to change that to "If I think, then I am".

    The two words with which you need to take most care are "then" and "so", because they have additional meanings.
  7. gambit2099 Senior Member

    Thank you a lot !!

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