so you can be a mailman

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Rory says to a mailman about his father

Rory: MOS-1-1-B-3-V-W-3. Military designation. He kills you can be a mailman.

What is the meaning of "so you can be a mailman"?
I mean he is already a mailman. I was confused.

Source: Predator 2018
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    Without any context (Who is "He" and what was said beforehand) I assume the speaker is suggesting that "He" has an important job (saving the country) so that you (are safe and) can just be a mailman.


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    - Can you give me $5 so I can take the bus to town? = so [that I am enabled to] take the bus to town? -
    - Here is $20 so [that] you may take a taxi = so [that you are enabled to] take a taxi.

    He kills people [in order to protect our way of life] so that you can [do a normal job, i.e. that you can, if you wish,] be a mailman [like you are.]