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I was wondering, what's the most common or most natural way of saying "so" in Greek. By "so", I mean in its use as a conjunction meaning "in order to" or "with the result that." For example, I recently heard something like the following:

Έχω καλέσει και τον κύριο τάδε, σο να 'ρθείτε όλοι αύριο.

I noticed the "so" then but forgot about it until now and now I'm wondering what would be the normal thing to say. If I was forced to pick something I'd say "κι έτσι λοιπόν" but I don't know if this normal, or even right.


P.S. Is κύριος τάδε how you say "Mr. so-and-so" in Greek. I can't really remember what I've heard so I don't know if this is right either.
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    a) easy ones first: Κύριος τάδε is indeed the way we say "Mr so-and-so"

    b) κι έτσι (λοιπόν) is right and normal (loipon is optional) :) Since however it's "long-ish", we tend to use "άρα" or "οπότε" In your example I'd go with "opote".


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    I agree with ireney, the best choice for me here would be "οπότε".
    In expressions like "he is so arrogant", "so" should be translated as "τόσο".
    The expression "so so", should be translated like "έτσι κι έτσι".


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    Thanks for the help.

    And if you can believe it, I didn't even realize that "Mr. so-and-so" reflect another use of the word "so," so it wasn't all that off-topic after all. :)
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