soak each other/mutually/ through


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Buddhists in Thailand soak (through/each other/mutually) in water
My choice is: mutually.
Could you tell me if it is correct or incorrect?
Thank you very much for your help.
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    is this your own writing? I am not sure that you can use mutually there. Each other sounds more idiomatic to me.


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    Also, I'm puzzled as to the circumstances. Do all Buddhists in Thailand do this regularly? Is there more to the sentence?

    OR: It strikes me that this may be a photo caption . . .


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    It is quoted from my test which is about celebrating the end of the year in some particular areas.
    Thank you teachers very much for your help.


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    "Soak each other" would mean that they pour water on each other and get their clothes thoroughly wet, in my interpretation. In that case it should be "soak each other with water". You could soak a piece of clothing in water by immersing it and leaving it there for quite a while, but you wouldn't do that with a person.

    "Soak mutually in water" to me would mean that sit in a tub or pool (or pond) together and soak in the water. "Mutually" is an odd choice of words there but it's possible.

    "Soak through in water" doesn't really make sense to me in this context.

    There is no good choice, in my opinion.
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