sobre precio


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Okay, I think I have a vague grasp on what it might mean (but I´m not certain) and I definitely don't know how to say it in English

Here are two sample phrases
la distribución está determinada por el sobre precio que los monopolios logran imponer a sus productos y se plantea que el sobre precio cambia por modificaciones exógenas en la tasa de salarios, en el tipo de cambio, y/o en la tasa de interés.

el sobre precio depende del grado de monopolio y de factores ínimamente ligados al crecimiento

They are talking in general about income distribution and growth and seems to be closely tied to Kalecki´s theories.

From what I gather, I think that it refers to the amount that a company's price is above the average industry price. Would "markup" be the right term or am I completely off base here? I did try to read some stuff on Kalecki but what I found was more on his profit equations which wasn't quite the same stuff.

Anyways, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance

  • In the context of a monopolistic pricing practices, it is usually called an “overcharge”.