sobres de papel milano

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  1. meteorito Senior Member

    English (Canada)
    I'm translating a text on gathering samples for biodiversity studies in Colombia. Samples of insects are placed in "sobres de papel milano", obviously some sort of envelopes (glassine paper? manilla envelopes??).

    Searching google for "sobres de papel milano" turns up several links (though no useful photos) and I can't seem to find any equivalent in English. Perhaps it's a brand in Colombia??

    Any ideas?
  2. Fmorondo Senior Member

    Pamplona, Spain
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  3. meteorito Senior Member

    English (Canada)
    Thanks Fmorondo! I agree that that's what it is. In fact, in English it could be translated as "glassine paper".

    What I'm wondering is if "papel milano" is something specific in Colombia (maybe a brand name?) and what the best translation would be for that. Any Colombians out there??

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