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Soccer (Football)

Discussion in 'Multilingual Glossaries' started by Kraus, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. Kraus Senior Member

    Italian, Italy
    I'd like to find a soccer multilingual glossary? I'm particularly interested in English, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian soccer terms...

    Thanks in advance for your help! :)
  2. jancho Senior Member

    There are some term for which it is hard to find their translaction online. Could someone please translate this into other languages? (like German, Finnish, Norwegian, French, etc)

    football strip =
    half time =
    forward =
    defender =
    score a goal =
    to head =
    throw-in =
    shoot =

    I will start with the Czech version:

    football strip = dres
    half time = poločas
    forward = útočník
    defender = obránce
    score a goal = dát gól
    to head = trefit hlavičkou
    throw-in = vhození (noun), vhodit (verb)
    shoot = střela (noun), střelit (verb)
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  3. coquis14

    coquis14 Senior Member

    Entre Macrilandia/Chamamélandia
    Español ,Argentina
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  4. coquis14

    coquis14 Senior Member

    Entre Macrilandia/Chamamélandia
    Español ,Argentina
    My two cents (Portuguese):
    football strip = ??
    half time = Meio-Tempo
    forward = Atacante/Dianteiro
    defender = Zagueiro
    score a goal = Fazer/Marcar um gol
    to head = Cabecear
    throw-in = Lateral
    shoot = Chutar/Bater (verb) Chute (noun)
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  5. Frank78

    Frank78 Senior Member


    football strip = (What´s that the clothing? - I´m just guessing from the czech word "dres") - We use "Trikot" for the jersey
    half time = Halbzeit
    forward = Stürmer
    defender = Verteidiger
    score a goal = Ein Tor erzielen
    to head = köpfen
    throw-in = Einwurf (noun), einwerfen (verb)
    shoot = schießen
  6. sokol

    sokol Senior Member

    Vienna, Austria; raised in Upper Austria
    Austrian (as opposed to Australian)
    I think you have chosen the wrong word for "football strip": do you mean the shirt the players wear?
    Also I've added a few more (really essential :)) terms:
    Edit - I see that while I was compiling this list Frank78 also posted German terms (he was quicker :)); and he gives "köpfen" so "köpfeln" probably is Austrian - changed below.


    Those marked (AT) are (to my knowledge) specifically Austrian; so "Leiberl" is only used by Austrians, and "Trikot" is general. Those which (I think) are used mostly in Germany I mark (D) - like "Leibchen". (I can't provide Swiss peculiarities.)

    football strip = ??
    soccer = (Association = European) football = Fußball
    football pitch = Fußballfeld
    kick-off = Anstoß
    half time = Halbzeit
    shirt = Trikot; Leiberl (AT)
    home shirt = Heimtrikot; Heim-Leiberl (AT)
    away shirt = Auswärtstrikot; Auswärts-Leiberl (AT)
    captain = Kapitän
    forward = Stürmer
    midfielder = Mittelfeldspieler
    defender = Verteidiger
    sweeper/libero = Libero
    goalkeeper = Tormann; Goalie (AT)
    referee = Schiedsrichter; Schiri (slang)
    assistant referee (formerly linesman) = Schiedsrichter-Assistent; (informal still: Linienrichter)
    goal = Tor; Goal (AT)
    score a goal = ein Tor schiessen; einen Treffer erzielen; ein Goal schiessen (AT)
    to head = köpfen (DE); köpfeln (AT)
    header = Kopfball
    throw-in = einwerfen
    shoot = schießen
    corner (kick) = Eckball; Eckstoß (DE); Corner (AT)
    penalty (kick) = Strafstoß (formal); Elfmeter; Elfer; Penalty (AT)
    free kick = Freistoß
    foul = Foul
    yellow/red card = gelbe/rote Karte
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  7. Frank78

    Frank78 Senior Member

    I don´t know anyone who says "Leibchen" in Germany. Perhaps there are some in the south.

    "Schiri" is also German slang
  8. sokol

    sokol Senior Member

    Vienna, Austria; raised in Upper Austria
    Austrian (as opposed to Australian)
    Wiki says that the term is still used in sports (without reference to football specifically). But WordReference says (and I even contributed there ...) that "Leibchen" may not be used in football - I should have searched there first. (I'll edit the list above.)
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  9. Kraus Senior Member

    Italian, Italy

    football strip = maglia, casacca
    soccer = (Association = European) football = calcio
    football pitch = campo di calcio
    kick-off = calcio d'inizio
    half time = intervallo
    shirt = casacca, maglia
    home shirt = maglia in casa, prima maglia
    away shirt = maglia in trasferta, seconda maglia
    captain = capitano
    forward = attaccante
    midfielder = centrocampista
    defender = difensore
    sweeper/libero = libero
    goalkeeper = portiere
    referee = arbitro
    assistant referee (formerly linesman) = guardalinee, segnalinee
    goal = goal, gol, rete
    score a goal = segnare un goal/gol, segnare una rete
    to head = colpire di testa
    header = colpo di testa
    throw-in = rimessa laterale
    shoot = tiro
    corner (kick) = calcio d'angolo, corner
    penalty (kick) = calcio di rigore, rigore
    free kick = punizione, calcio di punizione
    foul = fallo
    yellow/red card = cartellino giallo/rosso
  10. apmoy70

    apmoy70 Senior Member


    football strip = εμφάνιση, φανέλα
    soccer = (Association = European) football = ποδόσφαιρο
    football pitch = (ποδοσφαιρικό) γήπεδο
    kick-off = σέντρα
    half time = ημίχρονο
    shirt = φανέλα
    home shirt = πρώτη εμφάνιση, εμφάνιση εντός έδρας
    away shirt = δεύτερη εμφάνιση, εμφάνιση εκτός έδρας
    captain = αρχηγός
    forward = επιθετικός
    midfielder = κεντρώος, χαφ
    defender = αμυντικός
    sweeper/libero = λίμπερο
    goalkeeper = τερματοφύλακας, πορτιέρο
    referee = διαιτητής
    assistant referee (formerly linesman) = βοηθός, επόπτης γραμμών
    goal = γκολ, τέρμα
    score a goal = σκοράρω
    header = κεφαλιά
    throw-in = πλάγια επαναφορά, πλάγιο
    shoot = σουτ
    corner (kick) = κόρνερ
    penalty (kick) = πέναλτι
    free kick = ελεύθερο
    foul = φάουλ
    pass= πάσα
    cross= σέντρα
    yellow/red card = κίτρινη/κόκκινη κάρτα
  11. Áristos

    Áristos Senior Member

    Cieza (Murcia, España)
    español (España)
    Spanish from Spain:

    football strip = equipación (the complete outfit)
    soccer = (Association = European) football = fútbol; balompié (typical Spanish, but not too used)
    football pitch = terreno (de juego); campo
    kick-off = saque inicial
    half time = descanso; intermedio
    shirt = camiseta; casaca (extremely literary)
    home shirt = camiseta local
    away shirt = camiseta visitante
    captain = capitán
    forward = delantero (in general); "ariete" or "delantero centro" (center forward)
    midfielder = centrocampista
    defender = defensa; zaguero (quite literary)
    sweeper/libero = líbero
    goalkeeper = portero; guardameta; cancerbero (quite literary)
    referee = árbitro; colegiado (quite literary)
    assistant referee (formerly linesman) = árbitro asistente (formerly "linier" or "juez de línea")
    goal = gol (the most usual); tanto (more formal); chicharro (extremely colloquial)
    score a goal = marcar un gol (the most usual expression); anotar un gol; hacer un gol
    header = cabezazo; remate de cabeza
    throw-in = saque de banda; saque lateral (seldom used)
    shoot = disparar; chutar; rematar; tirar
    Corner (kick) = córner; saque de esquina
    penalty (kick) = penalti; pena máxima (quite literary); penal (used in South America)
    free kick = tiro libre; saque de falta
    foul = falta
    pass= pase
    cross= centro
    yellow/red card = tarjeta amarilla/roja; cartulina amarilla/roja

    My contribution:

    ball = pelota; balón; esférico (quite literary); cuero (extremely literary)
    stadium= estadio
    scoreboard= marcador
    offside = fuera de juego
    handball = mano
    crossbar= larguero
    post= poste; palo
    (corner) flag = banderín (de córner)
    whistle= silbato (the instrument); pitido (the sound)
    call (a foul, etc.)= pitar (una falta, etc.); señalar (una falta, etc.); cobrar (una falta, etc.) (South America)
    (football) boots = botas (de fútbol)
    send-off (a player) = expulsar (a un jugador)
    sending-off = expulsión
    coin toss = sorteo de campos
    dribble = regatear; driblar
    dribbling = regate; dribling
    boot studs/cleats = Tacos (de bota)
    best team in history = Real Madrid

    Regards :D
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  12. Grumpy Old Man Senior Member


    football strip = jalkapallokenttä
    half time = puoliaika
    forward = hyökkääjä
    defender = puolustaja
    score a goal = tehdä maali
    to head = pukata
    throw-in = heitto
    shoot = laukaista
  13. Gżegżółka

    Gżegżółka Member

    Polska; polski

    football pitch = boisko piłkarskie
    half time = przerwa
    shirt = koszulka meczowa
    home shirt = koszulka domowa
    away shirt = koszulka wyjazdowa
    captain = kapitanforward = napastnik
    midfielder = pomocnik
    left-, right- midfielder = lewo-, prawo- skrzydłowy
    playmaker = rozgrywającydefender = obrońca
    central defender = stopergoalkeeper = bramkarz
    referee = sędzia, arbiter
    assistant referee (formerly linesman) = asystent sędziego, liniowy
    goal = gol, bramka
    score a goal = strzelić bramkę, strzelić gola
    header = główka
    throw-in = wrzut z autu
    shoot = strzał
    Corner (kick) = rzut rożny, korner
    penalty (kick) = rzut karny, jedenastka, wapno (colloquial)
    free kick = rzut wolny
    foul = faul
    pass = podanie
    cross = dośrodkowanie, centra
    yellow/red card = żółta/czerwona kartka
    ball = piłka
    stadium = stadion
    offside = spalony,
    handball = ręka
    crossbar = poprzeczka
    post = słupek
    whistle = gwizdek
  14. ForzaItalia Member

    English England

    I have just created a brand new Italian to English football glossary which should help you. It contains over 800 entries.

    For more information, visit my Calcio glossary.

    Regards - Lucia
  15. Black4blue

    Black4blue Senior Member

    I'm gonna tell you the ones I know. (Most of them are similar)

    Forward=Forvet (what a weird change!)
    Free Kick=Frikik
    Off Side=Ofsayt
    Yellow/Red Card=Sarı/Kırmızı Kart
    Half Time=Devre (If it means one of two periods of game time)
    Goal Keeper=Kaleci (more common) or File Bekçisi
    (to) Score a Goal=Gol At(mak)
  16. sound shift

    sound shift Senior Member

    Derby (central England)
    English - England
  17. Black4blue

    Black4blue Senior Member

    Oh, OK. But, isn't it ten-minute :confused: ? Anyway... It doesn't have a speacial name, just devre arası (half break).
  18. JeSuisSnob

    JeSuisSnob Ombudsmod

    Mexico City
    Mexican Spanish
  19. HebiRika New Member

    German & Russian
    Hi everyone!

    I found this forum looking for soccer terms EN-GER and tried to open this link from the post by JeSuisSnob:
    Unfortunately, it seems not to be working... has the dictionary been moved? Can anyone help me find it?

    Thank you in advance!

    I've also found the following links, in case someone's still looking:

    Regards :)
  20. Explorer41 Senior Member

    I made my Russian version out of the Italian version suggested by Kraus:

    to play football, to play soccer = играть в футбол
    footballer = футболист
    football strip = maglia, casacca = футбольная форма
    soccer = (Association = European) football = calcio = футбол
    football pitch = campo di calcio = футбольное поле
    penalty area = штрафная площадь, штрафная площадка
    stadium = стадион
    kick-off = calcio d'inizio = первый удар по мячу (if the game just began; there is no established term for this though), удар с центра поля
    to kick-off = начинать с центра поля
    half time = intervallo = перерыв
    shirt = casacca, maglia = футболка
    home shirt = maglia in casa, prima maglia = домашняя форма
    away shirt = maglia in trasferta, seconda maglia = выездная форма
    team = команда (those who play or may play), клуб (also other members of a team, including coaches, doctors, directors etc)
    captain = capitano = капитан, капитан команды (not клуба)
    coach = тренер
    head coach = главный тренер, slangy "главный", "коуч"
    to win = выиграть, win = победа
    to lose = проиграть, loss = поражение
    to draw = сыграть вничью, свести матч вничью, draw = ничья
    forward = attaccante = нападающий, a bit less often форвард
    midfielder = centrocampista = полузащитник, less often and a bit slangy хавбек, yet more slangy хав
    defensive midfielder = опорный полузащитник
    attacking midfielder = атакующий полузащитник, игрок "под нападающими"
    deep-lying midfielder = центральный полузащитник, плеймейкер
    winger = крайний полузащитник (левый or правый), инсайд (if his main role is to attack and not to defend), игрок фланга/фланговый игрок
    defender = difensore = защитник
    sweeper/libero = libero = либеро, либеро, последний защитник
    goalkeeper = portiere = вратарь, голкипер
    referee = arbitro = судья, арбитр, рефери
    assistant referee (formerly linesman) = guardalinee, segnalinee = помощник судьи, судья на линии, лайнсмен
    goal = goal, gol, rete = гол
    score a goal = segnare un goal/gol, segnare una rete = забить гол, забить мяч, забить мяч в ворота, less often забить мяч в сетку or even порвать сетку (if the shoot was powerful)
    -------(and there exist some other good set expressions involving the word сетка like мяч в сетке, мяч попал в сетку, футболист потряс сетку ворот ... с внешней стороны ;-) )
    concede a goal = пропустить гол, пропустить мяч, пропустить мяч в ворота, less often пропустить мяч в сетку (and of course many slangy terms for it exist too!)
    /expressing the :)))))))))))))) situation/ = гоооол!!!
    /expressing the :-(((((((((((( situation/ -- the silence is gold ;-)
    to head = colpire di testa = играть головой, бить головой, пасовать головой (depending on a situation)
    header = colpo di testa = удар головой, игра головой, пас головой (the same note)
    throw-in = rimessa laterale = вбрасывание, вбрасывание мяча из-за боковой ("боковой линии" is meant), more often ввод мяча из-за боковой
    shoot = tiro = удар, удар по воротам, удар по мячу
    tirare = бить, бить по воротам, бить по мячу (imperfective); perfective is "ударить" or "пробить"
    corner (kick) = calcio d'angolo, corner = угловой, угловой удар, less often корнер
    penalty (kick) = calcio di rigore, rigore = пенальти, less often and more official одиннадцатиметровый штрафной удар
    direct free kick = штрафной удар, штрафной
    indirect free kick = свободный удар, свободный
    foul = fallo = нарушение, нарушение правил, фол
    handball = игра рукой (there is also a sport named "гандбол" or "ручной мяч"; it is "handball" in English)
    yellow card = cartellino giallo = жёлтая карточка, slangy горчичник
    red card = cartellino rosso = красная карточка
    sending-off = удаление
    remplacement d'un joueur = замена
    pass, passing = передача, передача мяча, пас
    to pass = пасовать, передавать мяч, делать передачу
    offside = оффсайд, положение вне игры
    the ball missed the goal = мяч прошёл мимо ворот (and of course some slangy terms like "в молоко", if the ball went very far from the goal, or "по воробьям", if the ball went too high)
    tiro a campanile = "свеча"
    bloccare il tiro = взять мяч, поймать мяч
    bloccare il passaggio = перехватить передачу, прервать передачу, the same with пас
    (se nessuno ha bloccato un passaggio, questo significa che "передача прошла" o "пас прошёл")

    A pass which finds his addressee is called "точный пас", "точная передача". Sometimes though they say, that "передача точная, но её перехватили" ;-)

    When one is close to score a goal, it is called "опасный момент" or "острый момент". A pass, which makes such a situation, is called "острый пас", "острая передача", "опасный пас", "опасная передача". When one misses a goal, it is called "упустить момент". When a player can play the ball, and at the moment he is alone who can do that, it is called "владеть мячом". When an attacker faces a goalkeeper, "владеет мячом", and they are only two who can influence the situation, it is called "выход один на один". When an attacker cheats his defender and approaches to the goal, it is called "обыгрывать" or "обыгрывать один в один". I don't know the corresponding terms in English, in Italian, or in French.

    Some other interesting terms:
    to play a game without conceding a goal = сыграть всухую, отыграть насухо or оставить ворота в неприкосновенности ("свои ворота" are meant here, of course)
    goalpost = штанга
    crossbar = перекладина
    an area of a goal close to a post = угол ворот (левый or правый)
    верхний угол ворот = "девятка"
    нижний угол ворот = (less known) "шестёрка"
    45 minutes to play are called "тайм" (and it's the only meaning of the word). A game consists of "первый тайм" (first half), "второй тайм" (second half), possibly "овертайм" (another name - "дополнительное время") and "серия пенальти". Both halves may have additional minutes to play, called "добавленное время" (other name - "компенсированное время", "добавочное время"; some mix up the words "дополнительное время" and "добавочное время").

    Of course, this wordlist is very incomplete and can be elaborated further... It's only a start!

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  21. vsop44 Senior Member

    pays d'Evangeline
    français France
    I was a referee for about 20 years , I refereed over 1000 games from youth and high school teams , university (men and women) to men's and women's leagues .

    In french ,

    football pitch = Terrain de foot
    half time = mi-tenps
    shirt = maillot
    captain = capitaine
    goal keeper = gardien de but
    right back/gauche/center = arrière droit/gauche/central
    sweeper = libero
    midfielder = demi ou milieu
    Forward = avant
    winger = ailier
    referee = arbitre
    assistant referee (formerly linesman) = juge de touche /arbitre assistant
    goal = but
    score (a goal ) = marquer (un but)
    header = une tete
    throw-in = (remise de) touche
    shoot = tirer au but
    Corner (kick) = corner ou coup de pied de coin
    penalty (kick) = penalty / peno
    free kick = coup franc
    foul = faute
    pass = passe
    cross = centre
    yellow/red card = carton jaune / rouge
    ball = ballon
    stadium = stade
    offside = hors jeux
    handball = main
    crossbar = barre transversale
    post = poteau
    whistle = sifflet
    kick off = coup d'envoi
  22. Learn-O-Rama New Member

    Castellano Argentino
    Hello, I'm a Spanish native speaker, studying translation sciences, and a football geek. This translations provided are valid for the Argentinian variety (A.K.A. Español "Río de la Plata")

    football strip = camiseta de fútbol
    half time = entretiempo
    forward = delantero
    defender = defensor
    score a goal = hacer un gol
    to head = cabecear
    throw-in = (as a noun) lateral, (as a verb) sacar el lateral, hacer el lateral
    shoot = patear

    [edit] Here are some extra terms added by the users which I didn't take into account the first time I answered to this thread.

    player = jugador
    stadium = cancha/estadio
    team = equipo
    national team = selección (selección nacional)
    match = partido
    league = campeonato
    football pitch = cancha de fútbol
    kick-off = puntapié inicial
    half time = entretiempo/medio tiempo
    shirt = camiseta
    home shirt = camiseta de local
    away shirt = camiseta de visitante
    captain = capitán
    sweeper/libero = líbero
    goalkeeper = arquero
    referee = árbitro
    assistant referee (formerly linesman) = juez de línea/línea (more informal)
    goal = arco
    corner (kick) = tiro de esquina
    penalty (kick) = penal
    free kick = tiro libre
    foul = falta/infracción
    offside = posición adelantada/offside
    yellow/red card = tarjeta amarilla/roja
    Stoppage time = tiempo de adición

    If two terms are present, the first one is more frequently used OR more formal.
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  23. ahmedcowon Senior Member


    football = soccer = كرة قدم (korat qadam)
    player = لاعب (laa'eb)
    stadium = استاد (estaad)
    team = فريق (fareeq)
    national team = منتخب (montakhab)
    match = مباراة (mubaraah)
    league = دوري (dawry)
    football pitch = ملعب المباراة (mal'ab al-mubaraah)
    kick-off = ركلة البداية (raklat al-bedayah)
    throw-in = رمية تماس (ramyat tamaas)
    half time = بين الشوطين (bayna al-shawtayn)
    shirt = قميص (qamees)
    home shirt = قميص العودة (qamees al-'awdah)
    away shirt = قميص الذهاب (qamees al-thehaab)
    captain = قائد الفريق (qa'ed al-fareeq)
    forward = مهاجم (muhajem)
    midfielder = لاعب خط الوسط (la'eb khat el-wassat)
    defender = مدافع (mudafe')
    sweeper/libero = قشاش (qashash) or ليبرو (libero)
    goalkeeper = حارس مرمى (haares marma)
    referee = حكم (hakam)
    assistant referee (formerly linesman) = مساعد الحكم (mossa'ed al-hakam)
    goal = هدف (hadaf)
    score a goal = يحرز هدفا (yohrezo hadafan)
    to head = يضرب برأسه (yadhreb be-ra'ssoh)
    shoot = صوب (sawweb)
    corner (kick) = ضربة ركنية (dharbah rokneyyah)
    penalty (kick) = ضربة جزاء (dharbat jazaa')
    free kick = ضربة حرة (dharbah hurrah)
    foul = خطأ (khata')
    offside = تسلل (tassallol)
    yellow/red card = بطاقة صفراء/حمراء (betaaqah safraa'/hamraa')
    stoppage time = الوقت بدل الضائع (al-waqt badal aD-dha'e')
    = صافرة
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  24. Alderamin Senior Member

    I'm not an expert in football, but I read this thread by chance, I followed the text of vsop44 above, and I wanted to offer my contribution in European Portuguese:

    football pitch = Terrain de foot = Campo de futebol
    half time = mi-temps = Intervalo
    shirt = maillot = Camisola
    captain = capitaine = Capitão
    goal keeper = gardien de but = Guarda-redes
    right back/gauche/center = arrière droit/gauche/central = Lateral direito/esquerdo/central
    sweeper = libero = Defesa
    midfielder = demi ou milieu = Médio
    Forward = avant = Avançado
    winger = ailier = Ponta-de-lança/Atacante
    referee = arbitre = Árbitro
    assistant referee (formerly linesman) = juge de touche /arbitre assistant = Árbitro assistente or Juiz de linha
    goal = but = Golo
    score (a goal ) = marquer (un but) = Marcar um golo
    header = une tete = Cabeçada
    throw-in = (remise de) touche = Lançamento
    shoot = tirer au but = Rematar à baliza
    Corner (kick) = corner ou coup de pied de coin = Pontapé de canto
    penalty (kick) = penalty / peno = Penálti or Penalty
    free kick = coup franc = Livre directo
    foul = faute = Falta
    pass = passe = Passe
    cross = centre = Cruzamento
    yellow/red card = carton jaune / rouge = Cartão amarelo/Cartão vermelho
    ball = ballon = Bola
    stadium = stade = Estádio
    offside = hors jeux = Fora de jogo
    handball = main = Mão
    crossbar = barre transversale = Barra transversal
    post = poteau = Poste
    whistle = sifflet = Apito
    kick off = coup d'envoi = Pontapé de saída
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  25. gnpolec New Member

    Hi. Sorry for my ignorance, i dont know any Russian but...i am curious of one thing. Often while watching football matches with russian commentators, when some player make a "cross" the commentator says something like "padacja!" (i see that: pass, passing = передача= peredača? maybe this one? but seems to me it's not just a normal pass but more a cross..). As far as i dont know the cyrillic alphabet, could you please help me to find this word and eventually transliterate it into latin alfabeth? Thank you in advance.
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  26. Rhetorica Senior Member

    Portuguese (Portugal)
    I've corrected some mistakes.

    This is valid for European Portuguese. Brazilian Portuguese football vocabulary often differs.
  27. MPA Senior Member

    Portuguese (Brazilian)
    football pitch = terrain de foot = campo de futebol
    half time = mi-temps = intervalo
    shirt = maillot = camisa
    captain = capitaine = capitão
    goal keeper = gardien de but = goleiro
    right back/gauche/center = arrière droit/gauche/central = Lateral direito/esquerdo/zagueiro
    sweeper = libero = líbero
    midfielder = demi ou milieu = meio-campo
    Forward = avant = atacante
    winger = ailier = ponta-de-lança or ala
    referee = arbitre = árbitro or juiz
    assistant referee (formerly linesman) = juge de touche/arbitre assistant = bandeirinha
    goal = but = gol
    score (a goal) = marquer (un but) = marcar um gol
    header = une tete = cabeçada or cabeceio
    throw-in = (remise de) touche = lançamento
    shoot = tirer au but = chutar (ao gol)
    corner (kick) = corner ou coup de pied de coin = escanteio
    penalty (kick) = penalty/peno = penalty or penalidade máxima
    free kick = coup franc = tiro livre
    foul = faute = falta
    pass = passe = passe
    cross = centre = cruzamento
    yellow/red card = carton jaune/rouge = cartão amarelo/vermelho
    ball = ballon = bola
    stadium = stade = estádio
    offside = hors jeux = impedimento
    handball = main = mão
    crossbar = barre transversale = travessão
    post = poteau = trave
    whistle = sifflet = apito
    kick off = coup d'envoi = ponta-pé inicial

    Here's in Brazilian Portuguese.
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  28. Stoggler

    Stoggler Senior Member

    Sussex, GBR
    UK English
    And now for Welsh:

    football = pêl-droed
    football pitch = maes pêl-droed
    ball = pêl
    half time = egwyl
    shirt = crys
    shorts = siorts
    captain = capten
    vice-captain = isgapten
    goal keeper = gôl-geidwad
    defence = amddiffyniad
    defender = amddiffynnwr
    right back = cefnwr de
    left back = cefnwr chwith
    centre back = canolwr cefn
    sweeper = ysgubwr
    midfield = canol cae
    midfielder = chwaraewr canol cae
    forward = blaenwr
    centre forward = canolwr blaen
    winger = asgellwr
    right/left winger = asgellwr de/chwith
    target man = dyn targed
    referee = dyfarnwr, rheolwr
    assistant referee (formerly linesman) = dyfarnwr cynorthwyol
    goal = gôl
    score (a goal) = sgorio (gôl)
    header = peniad
    to head = penio
    throw-in = tafliad i mewn
    to throw-in = taflu i mewn
    kick (noun) = cic
    to kick = cicio
    shot = ergyd
    to shoot (at goal) = saethu (at y gôl)
    corner (kick) = cic gornel
    to take a corner = cymryd cic gornel
    corner flag = lluman cornel
    centre circle = cylch canol
    penalty area = blwch cosbi
    penalty = cosb
    penalty kick = cic cosb
    penalty shoot out = brwydr saethu (lit. "shooting battle")
    to take a penalty (kick) = cymryd cic cosb
    to miss a penalty (kick) = methu cic cosb
    penalty kick = smotyn gwyn, smotyn cosb
    free kick = cic rydd
    direct free kick = cic rydd union
    indirect free kick = cic rydd anuniongyrchol
    foul (noun) = trosedd
    to foul = troseddu
    pass (noun) = pàs
    to pass = pasio
    cross (noun) = croesiad
    to cross = croesi
    yellow card = cerdyn melyn
    red card = cerdyn cock
    to send off = anfon o’r cae
    to send a player off = anfon chwaraewr o’r cae
    stadium = stadiwm
    offside = camsafiad
    to be offside = camsefyll
    handball = llawio’r bêl
    crossbar = bar
    whistle = chwiban
    to blow the (final) whistle) = chwythu’r chwiban (olaf)
    kick off = cic gychwyn
    halfway line = llinell hanner
    goal mouth = cig y gôl
    square ball = cic ar draws
    long ball = pêl hir
    chip = cic godi
    to chip = cicio godi
    result = canlyniad
    to win = ennill
    victory = buddugoliaeth
    to lose = codi
    draw = gêm gyfartal
    goal-less draw = gêm ddi-sgor
    volley = foli
    to volley = folïo
    cup game = gêm gwpan
    league = cynghrair
    World Cup = Cwpan y Byd
    Champions League = Cynghrair y Pencampwyr
  29. janesill

    janesill New Member

    something Finnish that I learned from a Finnish friend:

    penalty kick - rangaistuspotku
    euro 2016 - euroa 2016
    midfield - keskikenttä
    league - liiga
  30. Grumpy Old Man Senior Member

    Euroa is a partitive singular form of the European currency, the euro. The football tournament is jalkapallon Euroopan-mestaruuskilpailut.

  31. janesill

    janesill New Member

    Oh shoot, trolled by a Finnish friend. LOL thanks for the correction.
  32. Dymn

    Dymn Senior Member

    football = futbol
    football pitch = camp de futbol
    ball = pilota
    half time = descans, mitja part
    shirt = samarreta
    shorts = pantalons
    captain = capità
    goal keeper = porter
    defence = defensa
    defender = defensa
    midfield = migcamp
    midfielder = migcampista, centrecampista
    forward = davanter
    referee = àrbitre, àrbit (colloquially)
    assistant referee (formerly linesman) = assistent, àrbitre assistent
    goal = gol
    goal (structure) = porteria
    score (a goal) = marcar (un gol)
    kick (noun) = xut
    to kick = xutar
    to shoot (at goal) = xutar (a porteria, entre els tres pals)
    corner (kick) = córner
    corner flag = banderó de córner
    centre circle = cercle central
    penalty area = àrea de penal
    penalty = penal
    penalty kick = penal
    penalty shoot out = tanda de penals
    to miss a penalty (kick) = fallar un penal
    penalty kick = llançament de penal
    free kick = tir lliure
    foul (noun) = falta
    to foul = fer falta
    pass (noun) = passada
    to pass = passar
    yellow card = targeta groga
    red card = targeta vermella
    stadium = estadi
    crossbar = travesser
    whistle = xiular
    to blow the (final) whistle) = xiular el final
    to win = guanyar
    victory = victòria
    to lose = perdre
    draw = empat
    volley = volea
    league = lliga
    World Cup = Mundial, Copa del Món
    Champions League = Lliga de Campions, Champions
    injury time = temps afegit
    friendly match = amistós, partit amistós
    expulsion = expulsió
    advantage rule = llei de l'avantatge
    assist = assistència (de gol)
    own goal = gol en pròpia porta
    B team = filial
    back pass = cessió
    hat trick = hat-trick
    bicycle kick = xilena
    ghost goal = gol fantasma
    golden goal = gol d'or
    handball = mans
    header = remat de cap
    treble = triplet
    dribble = driblar
    counterattack = contraatac
    derby = derbi
    offside = fora de joc, orsai
    bend the ball = centrar la pilota
    kick off = servei inicial
    one-goal difference victory = victòria per la mínima
    extra time = pròrroga
    goal difference = goal average, diferència de gols
    loss = derrota
    Mexican wave = ona, onada
    Olympic goal = gol olímpic
    3-goal or more victory = golejada
    penalty spot = punt de penal
    bench = banqueta
    goal line = línia de gol
    underdog = ventafocs
    top dog = favorit
    winger = lateral
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    artifical light (on football stadiums) - umělé osvětlení

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