Société Anonyme avec Conseil d’Administration


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can anyone help me with how to say this in English? What is the exact legal term?
it's for a legal document on the creation of a company
  • aspar

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    Limited company with board of directors. However, there are quite a variety of types of companies, the exact definitions you will find on sites related to chambers of commerce for example. Check before finalising, it could have auditing or taxation implications. It also depends on the country in which the company is created.


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    In American English, SA=corporation (Inc. means "incorporated" according to the laws of one of the states--Delaware is the most capitalist-friendly). As an Anglophone I must defer to others with a better understanding of French, so "board of directors" sounds ok. I have a question for Francophones: in the US, boards of directors are elected by stockholders at one-share-one-vote, in practice by the management via solicitation of proxy votes; in France aren't these often negotiated with the unions, with government input? aspar seems to have expertise in this area.


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    I'm not a union or big company expert, but I suppose like in most countries the structure of a board of directors depends a lot on the size of the company, whether it is listed or not and whether it is multinational or not.
    In France general company law sets down minimum requirements for different categories of companies.
    In France the concept of Conseil d'Administration or CA as it is popularly referred to is not restricted to shareholder-appointed people who have a financial stake in a company.
    A school board or a non-profit association or a community centre can also have a CA with members who can have no personal interest in the management but have an elective and decisionary vote. It's what the French call total democracy, which sometimes boils down to endless pointless waffling by people who don't have a clue or couldn't care less, but like to tell their neighbours that they are a member of a CA.