Social Butterfly / wallflower

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    Hi, I'm wondering what the heck is a Social Butterfly...? And a wallflower?
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    A social butterfly, is a person, who make friends easily and go to party's, etc. I fugure you can picture the rest, right? A wallflower is the exact opposite of a social butterfly.


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    To me a wallflower is someone who goes to a party but lies low and doesn't meet people. I think a better opposite to social butterfly would be recluse or loner.


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    Yes, Dorian, I agree, but a person can go to a party and have a good time, meet people and even dance without being a "social butterfly". A "social butterfly" to me is someone who literally "flits" from party to party to be seen, who likes to "make the scene" and whose lifestyle is going to lots of social engagements. A "wallflower" is a person who doesn't like being social, is uncomfortable at a party or social gathering and was possibly forced to go. In that sense, they are opposites, when talking about parties. A loner or recluse are stronger terms than a wallflower. They give a more negative tone.